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TV or not TV… no question!

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I could lie like most pseudo intellectuals do and say I don’t watch or like TV. Yet like Chance the Gardener in BEING THERE “I like to watch”. So much of what is on TV is bullshit. There is also some quality stuff, especially recently. It’s popular to malign TV as the root of all our cultural evils. Yet it is nothing but a mirror. A refection of the time we live in. Too often people say that they are not part of “that world” well sweetie… there only one earth you’re on it. Live it or live with it!
It is what it is, what we’ve made it. Getting better and becoming worse. The Internet is an adjunct of TV. It is TV that you can talk back to. I don’t mind TV and can use my own judgement as to what I watch! The most powerful control any device has is the on/off switch. Don’t blame the TV for it’s you that operates it.