Here’s my video as it was screened for The Supernova Denver Festival’s Competition…

ARTGOD COMIX SUPERNOVA Master from Atomic Elroy on Vimeo.

ARTGOD COMIX – The Myth Of Significance

This piece was created from a series of experiments using a technique I’ve been developing. Taking work from my archive and using a luminance key for layering, re-interpreting it, re-animating it, reusing it for something it was not intended for (The WARHOL THEORY). Then I came up with a few concepts.

ARTGODS: gatekeepers of the art world, the arbiter of tastes. 
SISYPHUS: The impossible task of an action that keeps repeating without positive results.
SIGNIFICANCE: what is significance when it come to art, How much personal taste influences significance.
ABSURDITY: An Absurd life is a life worth living (My Samuel Beckett infused brain says it is)!
VIDEO ART: Once the darling of the art world now it’s red-headed stepchild.

It took a while to find the correct mash-up. I was playing with a generic comic book software and using video stills, which I though looked great. So I just extrapolated the ideas into the videos in this series. I created representational characters using the elements of the videos and had them interact like they do in comic books. 

The Premise:
The Media Artist and Absurdist Nowhere Man has landed in the Realm Of The ARTGODS. After he defies them, The ARTGODS have tasked him with an impossible task as punishment. He must remove all art ads in Art Forum magazine, and by doing so, free video art from the trash can of art genres. 

The Myth of Significance 

Often working in the art world one feels like the Greek anti-hero Sisyphus, as it seems an impossible task to successfully navigate an art career and have somewhat of a normal life. To me the answer has always been to embrace absurdity. To forego any attempt to be significant in the art world and to just exist on your own terms.